The Senepol is a 100% Bos Taurus breed and is well known for its good milk production, high quality meat and resistance to tropical climates.

With the innumerable and indisputable advantages that the Senepol breed already brings by itself, such as its ability to survive in very difficult climatic and nutritional conditions, tolerance to extreme heat and cold, resistance to diseases and parasites, low cost of management due to its extreme docility, sexual precocity, as well as a heavy weaning of animals, Cabaña San Pablo has focused on carrying out among its associates a high pressure of selection and selection. high selection pressure to produce animals that:


Cattlemen visiting the island of St. Croix for the first time are often surprised by the large number of 15 to 20 year old cows still in production. This particular longevity in this breed allows these animals to calve 13 to 14 calves during their lifetime.


USDA studies have indicated that Senepol have higher immunity compared to other beef breeds. This is largely due to the influence of N'Dama on Senepol cattle and numerous generations of natural selection that occurred on the island of St. Croix.

The fact that the breed has N'Dama animals in its genetic line, known in our region as Criollo animals, allows Senepol to have greater resistance to insects and diseases.


The Senepol is heat tolerant, and is passed on to its offspring in crossbreeding programs. During the hottest months of the year, they maintain a low body and rectal temperature below all European breeds and even some zebu breeds such as Brahman (United States Department of Agriculture).


  • Pasta during the hottest time of the day
  • Do not get tired of work during the day
  • Can survive without water for several days

Offspring can be obtained from these animals at the age of two years, since this breed has an easier detection of heat or estrus, a straighter cervix that facilitates insemination, and a period of greater sexual activity during the night hours.

Senepol bulls are vigorous sires that produce high fertility semen from 14 months of age, with well-developed testicles and short foreskin.

Senepol cows are medium-sized, with excellent muscle growth and grazing ability. 

Adult cows generally weigh between 450 and 550 kilograms and consistently wean a calf of 50% of its body weight or more, while maintaining adequate calving intervals.

Senepol calves are small at birth and very vigorous, with good development and subsequent weight gain. The average birth weight for male calves is 37 kg and 34 kg for females.

A great advantage Senepol offers is the enormous vigor of the calf. Breeders around the world are proud of the increased survival of calves sired by Senepol bulls, because they get up and nurse quickly.

The docility of the Senepol exceeds all expectations. These animals are very docile and allow efficient management with fewer resources. Vaccination, insemination, transfers have better than average results.

This is one of the important characteristics of Senepol cattle, which makes dehorning unnecessary and facilitates animal management. The Senepol does not have horns and in industrial crossbreeding with animals with antlers, it eliminates them completely in the first crossbreeding.

The Senepol has a sexual libido like no other. The characteristics of the Bos Taurus and the origin of the breed bring with it an unequaled precocity. Its zero hair, low rectal temperature and great adaptation to the tropics make it the only existing alternative for field riding.


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