Results under Normal Conditions

With its total adaptation to high temperatures, low nutritional conditions, resistance to insects, adaptability, meat quality and powerful transmission of its heterosis, Senepol has gained an important space in the market and has become the main existing crossbreeding alternative.

Senepol/Nelore steers have stood out for their high and early performance in each of the tests and projects undertaken by the large number of enthusiasts in industrial crossbreeding with Senepol animals.

Cabaña San Pablo has conducted surveys to different industrial crossbreeding producers and the average weights obtained in the different surveys and field evaluations of Senepol/Nelore crossbred animals, stand out for being well above the weights of purebred animals. These averages obtained by Cabaña San Pablo are for animals raised in the field with their mothers and without any type of feed supplement.

These results have been obtained from several works carried out by renowned breeders who bet on the breed and the industrial crossbreeding with Senepol and who today enjoy amazing results in terms of "carcass yield", "weaning weights", "precocity" and "finished" weight.

Results Endorsed by Embrapa / Geneplus

Cabaña San Pablo has also obtained official data from Embrapa / Geneplus, institutions recognized worldwide for their studies and professional work on hundreds of thousands of samples and results in Brazil, always showing Senepol as a very solid alternative for industrial crossbreeding with the Nelore (the fundamental basis of the cattle herd in Bolivia).

The Senepol/Nelore crossbreeding, based on proven and serious results, has become an extremely solid alternative in weaning weight and yearling weight, as shown by official Embrapa/Geneplus figures.

Weight Gain in Confinement

The proven results of the Senepol / Nelore crossbreeding, which have been obtained by Cabaña San Pablo in different confinement centers, show that the Senepol breed is a great exponent and a very solid alternative in the market for those whose business is commercial beef cattle raising.

Cabaña San Pablo has received valuable information provided by renowned breeders in the market, as well as numbers from several confinement centers, with results that show the Senepol/Nelore cross as an impressive alternative in daily weight gain:

Confined Animal Housing

Today's cattleman has the possibility of accessing information from the different confinement centers and slaughterhouses in the country to see the impressive carcass results of up to 56% in Senepol/Nelore and/or Senepol/Brahman confined animals.

Cabaña San Pablo is confident that Senepol is the best tool for industrial crossbreeding in the field. Nowadays, Senepol and its crossbreeding is the most required in the market for fattening on pasture and/or for confinement, due to its excellent results already proven. This undoubtedly offers the breeder a sustainable economic alternative that can be effectively reflected in the pocket.

Pasture Animal Housing

Cabaña San Pablo in its research and surveys has shown that industrial crossbreeding with Senepol on pasture also results in a very important carcass, which undoubtedly translates into higher income for the breeder.

The carcass results obtained by Embrapa / Geneplus in hundreds of thousands of tests and analyses with different crosses, show that a Senepol/Nelore animal, for example, provide the breeder with a higher carcass result of up to 53.4% on average as shown in the graph.

These results are due to the great hybrid vigor that the Senepol implants in the cross, as well as the incredible characteristics of the Nelore and Senepol combined, which are transmitted via this great heterosis directly to the offspring.


Meat Quality

The quality of meat produced by industrial crossbreeding with Senepol is indisputable. Today this product can be purchased in several supermarkets in the country, mainly in Senepol/Nelore and Senepol Brahman crosses. Its high quality and tenderness of meat is notorious at the time of preparing a roast.

Senepol/Nelore meat is so pleasant and tender that it does not require maturation or any tenderizing technique as other meats do, which is why it is requested by many fatteners, supermarkets, and even today it is in great demand by meat exporters.

It is normal nowadays to find in the main supermarkets of the country a substantial difference between one cut of meat from one animal and the other. Many customers buy several cuts of meat in the same supermarket and when they get home and cook it, they realize that one piece of meat was spectacular and the other was not as good as they expected.

It is time for the meat consumer to know that the fresh (unripened) cut that came out spectacular is definitely the product of a Senepol crossbred animal.

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