In 2012, Senepol celebrates its first 5 years of existence in Bolivia. These 5 years of gestation, growth and introduction of the Senepol breed until obtaining the first breeders for sale, have demonstrated that Senepol is a breed with important characteristics and has innumerable benefits for the current industrial crossbreeding market in Bolivia.

The first Senepol animals that inhabited Bolivia, after a great entrepreneurial vision, were obtained from an experiment carried out at the beginning of the year 2000 by the Pereyra family, Callaú.

This successful experiment consisted of crossing four Senepol animals (the only ones in Bolivia at this time) with Criollo animals (Bos Taurus) in the search to obtain Senepol by absorption, work that was carried out during the following years by these pioneers of the breed.

This experiment that obtained its great results demonstrated that the crossbreeding of Senepol with Criollo cattle gave an important improvement to the Criollo base cattle, resulting in better quality, heavier and fully dehorned offspring. Although Senepol mixed with Criollo cattle gave offspring of low or equal birth weight, this combination (half blood) gave animals of better weaning weight with an appearance in the first cross, to the pure Senepol animal.

Around 2007 and 2008, when the base of purebred Senepol animals was young, Sacramento Farms made the first exports of Senepol semen to Bolivia for the "La Locura" properties and associated ranches for approximately 5000 straws of Senepol semen. The results of these Senepol inseminations in Nelore animals were surprising, since these properties began to deliver F1 Nelore/Senepol crossbred beef animals with an average weight of 450 kg at 22 months of age.

Around 2005, other breeders and pioneers in the importation of Senepol animals in Bolivia were the Chavez family, who imported purebred Senepol animals from Brazil to use it as a strong alternative between their breeds and to carry out industrial crosses on the basis of Nelore/Brahman cattle. The results of these industrial crosses Nelore/Senepol, were successful with F1 crossbred animals (Senepol/Nelore/Brahman) with weights over 400Kg before 24 months of age.

In 2006, Cabaña San Pablo followed with the importation of high quality frozen embryos from the United States, which were obtained from the best genetics of Sacramento Farms, an important partner and promoter of the breed in Bolivia hand in hand with Cabaña San Pablo. After a few years, CETABOL became an important promoter of the breed and the industrial crossbreeding work in the Japanese Colonies.

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